Signature Pizzas
all pizzas are one size, 14 inches
Chicken Carbonara:
sourdough crust with alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, onion, mushroom, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, and provolone cheese.
Chicken Pesto:
sourdough crust with basil pesto, chicken, onion, bell pepper, parmesan cheese, smoked gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese.
traditional crust, salsa, seasoned ground beef, onion, black olive, tomato, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, cheddar cheese. served with sour cream, jalapenos, and salsa on the side.
choice of crust, marinara sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, black olive, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese.
BBQ Chicken:                            16.95
traditional crust, house made BBQ sauce, chicken breast, onion, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese.
Sub Sandwich
served toasted, with a pickle, and a bag of chips
pepperoni, ham, hard salami, banana peppers, onion, provolone, parmesan, tomato, lettuce, and Italian dressing.
bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, add cheese at no additional charge.
turkey, ham, bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mayo.
Turkey Cranberry:
turkey, provolone, basil pesto, dried cranberries, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mayo.
made from scratch in house
triple chocolate cheesecake                         4.95
classic cheesecake                                          4.95
vanilla and dole pineapple soft serve available Friday and Saturday.
Build your own Pizza
Choice of crust, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese.                                            10.95
substitute basil pesto or alfredo sauce    1.75
additional toppings:                                     1.75
ham, pepperoni, hard salami, bell peppers, mushroom, onion, banana pepper, jalapeno pepper, green olive, black olive, tomato, spinach, pineapple.
additional toppings:                                     2.00
ground beef, chicken, bacon, italian sausage, anchovies.
Entrée Salads
served over a bed of mixed greens
Italian:                                            10.95 
pepperoni, ham, hard salami, banana peppers, onion, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, cucumber, tomato, croutons, and Italian dressing.
Fantastic Fruit and Nut:               11.95
chicken, blue cheese, dried cranberries, pecans, sunflower seeds, apple, tomato, cucumber, and balsamic vinaigrette.
Chef:                                                10.95
turkey, ham, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, colby jack cheese, croutons, and ranch dressing.
Taco:                                                10.95
seasoned ground beef, onion, tomato, black olive, cheddar cheese, served in a baked tortilla bowl with sour cream, salsa, and jalapeños on the side.
substitute chicken for beef, add 1.00
BLT:                                                 10.95
bacon, tomato, cucumber, colby jack cheese, croutons, and choice of dressing.
Side Salad:                                       4.50
tomato, cucumber, colby jack cheese, croutons, and choice of dressing.
ranch, french, 1000 island, italian, honey mustard, balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, blue cheese.
can soda                                                           1.25
bottle soda                                                       1.75
G2                                                                      1.75
coffee                                                                2.00
hot tea                                                              2.00
iced tea                                                             2.00
fresh lemonade                                               1.50
milk                                                                   2.00
all soups are made in house from scratch ask for todays varieties
Bowl served with roll and butter                5.75